About Us

Our company was founded on 1st June 1989 with the objective of producing and marketing body and hair care products containing Hungarian medicinal waters that are well-known of their healing power. Our Thermal medicinal waters products are produced using medicinal waters from spas Harkány, Hajdúszoboszló and Bükfürdő and they are suitable for the prolongation of spa treatments and for taking home the effect of medicinal water.The production of Thermal Waters Creams – professional massage creams with excellent muscular stretching effect – from Harkány, Hajdószoboszló, Bükfürdő and Bükfürdő is the main profile of our company.The effect of the creams can be well completed by the products Thermal Medicinal Waters Bath Care, Thermal Medicinal Waters Shower Bath and Thermal Medicinal Waters Body Lotion. Further important products of our company are the Thermal Herpes Cream, Thermal Medicinal Waters Hand and Foot Cream, just as the Thermal Hair and Scalp Conditioner and Thermal Medicinal Waters Shampoo for moderating loss of hair.

We have substantial references about the effect and therapeutic value of our products, on the one hand by the expert opinions of sanitary authorities testing our products, on the other hand by the numerous feedbacks of the customers. Our marketing concept is based on thermal baths and their medicinal services, on pharmacies and at herbalist’s. Our products are mainly at these places available.

Our most important customers are: Harkányi Gyógyfürdő Rt. (thermal spa of Harkány), Büki Gyógyfürdő Rt. (thermal spa of Bükfürdő), Fürdő Patika Bt. Hajdúszoboszló, Gyógyüdülő Patika Gyula, Béres Egészségtár Kft. Budapest, Bennovum Kft., Herbaház Budapest, Medi-Line Üzletház Kft. Budapest. Besides the domestic sales, our export to Slovakia, Czech Republic and Germany are very important. The best advertisements for our company are the experience, reorders and high opinion of sick people. We would like to keep our customers offering high quality products and low prices; our target is that you can experience the benefits of famous Hungarian medicinal waters at home.