Thermal Medicinal Waters and Foot Cream

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  • Corn-germ oil, castor oil, silicone oil, chamomile extract, lanolin, allantoin, vitamin A and E, and high concentration of glycerin.

  • It contains perfume fragrance of high quality.

  • pH skin balanced.

  • Fast absorbing, hydrating.

  • Complex and effective skin care making your hands smooth and supple.

It is a fast absorbing balsam made of medicinal waters that makes your epithelial layer more resistant, restores lost moisture and improves elasticity. Rich oils and lanolin protect your skin against external irritants in the environment.It contains Vitamin E, antiphlogistic chamomile extract and epithelising allantoin. Vitamin A and E improve the skinís elasticity, leave your skin smooth, soft and supple, restore and regenerate your skin.Its skin-friendly pH helps restore and maintain your skinís protective layer.

This cream with its contents is especially recommended for hand and foot care of diabetics.

Available in 150 ml bottles.