Thermal Hair and Scalp Conditioner

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It is a conditioner made of medicinal waters that help massage active agents into your skin.

Medicinal waters contain trace and microelements in big quantities and complement ingredients required for undamaged hair together with wheat-protein hydrolysate containing amino acids necessary for capillus’formation. Vitamins E, B1, B3, B5 and H accelerate the process of hair bulbs’ regeneration and the development of strong hair. These vitamins take effect with the essential oil juniper used for stimulating blood circulation and healthy hair growth and for moderating loss of hair. Minerals in medicinal waters and active agents of essential oil juniper help protect against dandruff flaking. Vitamin H delays greying, so in the hair bulbs it improves the development and stability of pigment specifying hair colour together with antioxidant ingredients of the cream. Vitamins E and H also regulate the function of sebiferous glands, which keep the hair’s natural oils in balance.

Vitamin B complex in the cream can effectively moderate so called “stressed” (because of stress) loss of hair. This cream has got a pH value kind to the skin that helps protect the skin’s film of acid.

How to use:

- After shampooing, squeeze a small handful and rub it into both palms. Apply it to the ends of your long, colour treated, damaged hair first. Let it work for 10 minutes, then rinse well.
- Before shampooing it helps protect against dandruff flaking and loss of hair and it stimulates hair growth. 20 minutes later you should wash your hair. It is recommended to use it together with Thermal Medicinal Waters Shampoo so that the cream can act longer.