Thermal Waters Cream from Hajdúszoboszló

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Professional Massage Cream

In case of locomotor disease, medicinal waters from Hajdúszoboszló containing trace and microelements are excellent for alleviating and treating rheumatics and myalgia, you should just massage it into your skin. It is a fast absorbing and effectively moisturising professional massage cream, which makes it possible to get solute trace and microelements deep into your skin, and it contains medicinal waters in big quantities. If you massage it into your skin you can experience the great efficiency of thermal waters treatment and massage. Vitamins E, B1, B3 and B5 accelerate the process of epithelium’s regeneration and produce pain relief. The essential oil juniper contains ingredients (sabinen, sabinol, sabinylacetate, borneol in great quantities, α, β-pinene thujone) used for treating rheumatics and arthritis in aromatherapy. Big quantities of essential oil juniper in the cream help treat sclerosis combined with massaging; and it is also excellent for muscular stretching and stimulating metabolism and epithelium’s detoxification.

How to use: you can use the cream irregularly or as a treatment if you have a frequent pain. Put the cream on the painful part of your body and massage it gently into your skin. If you use it as a treatment it is recommended to massage it more times a day (twice or three times) even if you do not feel the pain actually. Use the cream regularly in order to reduce frequency and intensity of pain. A treatment should take about seven days.